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Lubya, river

Categories / City Topography/Waterways and Currents/Rivers

LUBYA, a river in the north-east of St. Petersburg, in the area of Rzhevka and Porokhovye. The river is also known as Luppa (a distorted version of Izhora word lupyu which means a river littered with timber). A tributary to the Okhta River, it flows into the Okhta 8 kilometres from the mouth, near Armashevsky Bridge, in the alignment with Potapova Street in Ilyinskaya Settlement. The Lubya takes off from Lake Bolshoe situated in Vsevolozhsky District of Leningrad Region. The river is 26 kilometres long and 5-18 metres wide during mean-water, with the depth varying from 0.4-1 metres during mean-water to 3 metres during high water. The basin of the river amounts to 176 km2. The Lubya flows through the following settlements: Melnichy Ruchey, Vsevolozhsk, Berngardovka and Kovalevo. The right tributary to the Lubya is Gorely Stream. The bank of the Lubya in its middle course is located in the territory of Vsevolozhsky District accommodates Priyutino memorial estate (the former estate of A.N. Olenin). The banks of the river within the limits of St. Petersburg are undeveloped and occupied mainly with horticulture along the entire length of the river. The river is used for water-supply. The following bridges cross the Lubya River: a railway bridge towards Lake Ladoga, and a number of highway bridges, such as Okrainny Bridge, Poselkovy Bridge, Vsevolozhsky Bridge, Kamyshinsky Bridge, Ryabovsky Bridge, Porokhovskoy Bridge, Andreevsky Bridge, Zhernovsky Bridge, Koltushsky Bridge, Luppovsky Bridge and Maly Ilyinsky Bridge.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Olenin Alexey Nikolaevich