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Dudergofka, river

Categories / City Topography/Waterways and Currents/Rivers

DUDERGOFKA (Duderhof, known as Dudorovka in the 18th century), a river in the south-west of St. Petersburg. The name originates from Duderhof Heights. The river emerges from Lake Duderhof (Dudergofskoe). It used to run into the Neva Bay near the mouth of the Krasnenkaya River, yet at present, it flows into Dudergofsky Canal near Polezhaevsky Park. The river is 21 kilometres long and 2-10 metres wide, with the depth amounting to 0.8 metres and the watershed measuring 327 m2. The river runs through Krasnoe Selo, Gorelovo, Staropanovo and separates Ligovo from Ulyanka. The upper reaches of the river were dammed, which resulted in the appearance of elongated Lake Bezymyannoe, which is two kilometres long with the wide of 0.4 kilometres. The lake water is used as the water supply of Krasnoe Selo. The second dam, situated in the lower course of the river, is used as the water-supply of Staropanovo. In the area of Gorelovo, the Dudergofka was joined with Ligovsky Canal for the purpose land reclaimation. The banks of the river are not heavily built on, with the majority of the area being used for horticulture. Narodnogo Opolcheniya Bridge and Veteranov Bridge cross the Dudergofka River.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Dudergofka River/Saint Petersburg, city