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Persons / Kolb Alexander Christoforovich artist , architect

The country house of P.P. Chistyakov, a professor of painting of the Academy of Arts, who has been living there until 1919, was built on Moscow Road to the design by the architect A. Kolba and with the participation of P.P. Chistyakov
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

Chistyakov P.P., (1832-1919), artist

CHISTYAKOV Pavel Petrovich (1832-1919, Detskoe Selo), painter and teacher of art. He studied at the Academy of Arts (1849-64) under P.V. Basin. From 1862 to 1870 he was a retainer of the Academy of Arts in Paris and Rome

Moika, river

MOIKA (the original name Mya; known as Muya until the early 18th century, derived from the Izhora word for "slush, mire"), a river in the Neva river delta. The Moika River is 4.67 kilometres long, with a width of up to 40 metres

The Country House of P.P. Chistyakov (an ensemble of the Separated Park)

Building the country house of the artist and the Academy of Arts Professor P.P. Chistyakov was connected with the special art “colony” in the Separated Park where famous artists - K.A. Gorbunov, M.N. Vasilyev, N.A. Lavrov, M.V. Kharlamov, N.YE
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

The maternity hospital of M.A. Drozhzhina

Firstly on this plot of the Separate Park there was a country house of F. Deviyen, first lieutenant of the Life Guard Rifle Tsarskoye Selo Battalion. In 1859-1861 a dwelling house with outbuildings
Source: Tsarskoe Selo