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Persons / Kurekhin Sergey Anatolievich musician
Kurekhin S.А. (1954-1996), composer

KUREKHIN Sergey Anatolyevich (1954-1996, St. Petersburg), composer, pianist, actor, showman, writer, eminent rock artist, and one of the leading postmodernists. Living in St. Petersburg from 1971, he studied in the Institute of Culture


The Tsarskoye Selo Art Prize for creative contribution in the Russian culture and arts development was established. Founders of the Prize were the All_Russian Museum of A.S
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

Club 81

CLUB 81 was a professional creative union of writers. It was established at the end of 1981 on the initiative of I. A. Admatsky, B. I. Ivanov and Y. V. Novikov by authority of the Administration of the Committee for State Security and the Leningrad


JAZZ. Instrumental groups, dance and concert jazz music on city stages, appeared in Leningrad in the late 1920s. On April 28, 1927 the hall of the Capella hosted the debut concert of L.Y. Teplitsky's First Concert Jazz-Band. A year later G.V

Komorovskoe Cemetery

KOMOROVSKOE CEMETERY (Komarovo village) is situated in resort area near St. Petersburg, five kilometres from Komarovo Railway Station, on the road to Shchuchye Lake, and not bigger than a hectare

Rock music

ROCK MUSIC (rock-'n'-roll), a form of mass music culture. Since its introduction in Leningrad in the late 1960s, it was popular predominantly with students, bringing on the adoption of Anglo-American youth music behaviour