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Persons / Xenia Blazhennaya (real name Petrova Xenia Grigorievna)
Xenia the Blessed (circa 1731 - circa 1803)

Xenia the Blessed, Xenia of St. Petersburg (lay name Xenia Grigorievna Petrova) (c. 1731 - c. 1803), resident of St. Petersburg, became famous for her pious life and ascetics (in 1988, she was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church)

Hospitals (common)

HOSPITALS. The first hospital in St. Petersburg, the Kalinkinsky Hospital was founded as a police-correctional institution for "indecent women and girls" (1762)

Maria Gatchinskaya (Lelyanova) (1874-1932)

MARIA GATCHINSKAYA (born Lidia Alexandrovna Lelyanova) (1874, St. Petersburg -1932, Leningrad), schema nun. A daughter of a wealthy St. Petersburg merchant, she studied at a gymnasium

Saints of the St. Petersburg Eparchy (general article)

SAINTS OF THE ST. PETERSBURG EPARCHY, saints who lived on the territory of the Eparchy and were glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church. St. Prince Alexander Nevsky whose relics rest in Alexander Nevsky Lavra is a patron of the region and the city

Smolenskoe Cemeteries

SMOLENSKOE CEMETERIES. Located on Vasilievsky and Dekabristov islands, along both banks of the Smolenka River. The Orthodox Smolenskoe Cemetery (24 Kamskaya Street) is located on the left bank of the Smolenka River on an area of 51.7 hectares

St. Matthew’s Church

ST. MATTHEW’S CHURCH, located at 35 Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street/ 5 Lenina Street, was located on Petrogradskaya Side. It was built in commemoration of capture of Narva by the Russian Army on 9 August

St. Petersburg Eparchy

ST. PETERSBURG EPARCHY, a territorial and administrative part of the Russian Orthodox Church. By decree of the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna the St. Petersburg Eparchy was separated from the Novgorod Eparchy on 1 September 1742. The bishop of St