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Persons / Shustov Smaragd Loginovich architect
Shustov, Smaragd Loginovich (1789-1870), an architect

Smaragd Loginovich Shustov (1789 – 1870, СПб.), an architect. Shustov graduated from the Academy of Arts (1810). Shustov worked as an assistant of an architect of the office of the St Petersburg Military General Governor


The tsar stables, later it was named as Orderly Stables, was constructed (architect S.L.
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

Journalist House

JOURNALIST HOUSE, a creative club for journalists. It was opened in 1926 as Press House (94 Moika River Embankment; it continually changed adresses), from 1938, it was Journalist House

Kamenny Island, ensemble

KAMENNY ISLAND (in 1920-89 - Trudyashchikhsya Island), in the north-west part of the Neva river delta, located between the Bolshaya Nevka River to the north and the Malaya Nevka River to the south, the Krestovka River lies to the east

Krestovka, river

KRESTOVKA, a river in the north-west of St. Petersburg, a channel from Malaya Nevka to Srednyaya Nevka. The river separates Kamenny Island and Krestovsky Island. It is 0

Manors and Dachas (entry)

MANORS AND DACHAS. Within the precincts of modern St. Petersburg a number of the 18th -19th centuries manors and dachas (summer residences) have been preserved, also there are some fragments of manors on Petergofskaya (Peterhof) road

Oldenburgsky Family

OLDENBURGSKY (v. Oldenburg), dukes and princes, the junior branch of a German landed estate. Several members of the family lived in Russia. George Ludwig Prince of Schleswig-Holstein (died 1763), Emperor Peter III"s uncle

The Orderly Stables.

The monumental building of the Orderly Stables (8 Sadovaya Street) was built in 1822-1824 by the architect S.L. Shustov according to the design of V.P. Stasov for placing the own imperial stables of Alexander I
Source: Tsarskoe Selo