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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Yuri Gagarin Ave
История переименований:
Narymsky Ave. (1914 – April 14, 1961)
Yuri Gagarin Ave. (as of April 14, 1961)

Internal Defence Belt

INTERNAL DEFENCE BELT, a series of defence constructions. Built in spring - autumn 1942, from the Seaport, to Avtovo, to Volodarsky Village, to Kupchino Station

Kosmonavtov Avenue

KOSMONAVTOV AVENUE is located between Kuznetsovskaya Street and Svirskaya Street, running across the Alexandrovskaya Settlement and Srednyaya Rogatka. Laid out in the 1960s and named in honour of Soviet cosmonauts


LAUNDRIES. Commercial establishments for washing, drying and ironing clothes and linen. In the 18th century, laundries were located in private building, and their number could not be calculated

Mavrodin V.V., (1908-1987), historian

MAVRODIN Vladimir Vasilievich (1908-1987, Leningrad), historian, PhD in History (1940). Graduated from the faculty of Linguistics and Material Culture Studies of the State Leningrad University in 1930

Morozov A.P. (1907-1987), engineer.

MOROZOV Alexey Petrovich (1907-1987, Leningrad), civil engineer, associate academy member of architecture (1956). Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering (1934)

Moskovsky District

MOSKOVSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 129 Moskovsky Avenue) It was founded in 1919, and its present-day borders were established in 1965

Moskovsky Park of Victory

MOSKOVSKY PARK OF VICTORY (188 Moskovsky Avenue) is located in the south of St. Petersburg, between Moskovsky Avenue and Gagarin Avenue. A project of a district Park of Culture and Recreation

Peterburgsky Sport Concert Complex

PETERBURGSKY SPORT CONCERT COMPLEX (8 Yury Gagarin Avenue). One of the biggest sport complex structures in the country. Built in 1980 (architects I.M. Chaiko, N.V. Baranov, F.N. Yakovlev, engineer L.V

Public Halls (entry)

PUBLIC HALLS, a special premise for informal mass events. The first public hall was arranged in banker A.A. Ral's house (On the Moika River Embankment, beside Red Bridge; not preserved)

Real Estate Agencies (entry)

REAL ESTATE AGENCIES. Until the 1880s, sale, purchase and leasehold transactions in St. Petersburg were processed by a notary, with duty paid and the exchange registered with the police. In 1880-1911, St

Skating Rinks

SKATING RINKS. Natural skating rinks on the Neva River and other ponds have been being arranged in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the 18th century. The first public skating rink was opened in 1865 in Yusupovsky Garden as the skating rink of

Sport Palaces (entry)

SPORT PALACES. Sheltered structures where sport competitions and large-scale events are held. In St. Petersburg, almost all sport palaces are have universal functions, with a temporary arena that can be transformed, for example

Yury Gagarin Avenue

YURY GAGARIN AVENUE, between Blagodatnaya Street and Moskovskoe Freeway. From the 1910s to 1961 the avenue bore the name Narymsky Avenue, after the village of Narym in Tomskaya Region