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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Shkipersky Protok
История переименований:
Shkipersky Canal (as of 1906)
Shkiperskaya Emb. (July 14, 1859 - 1860)
Shkiperskaya St. (1868 – April 16, 1887)
Shkipersky Canal Emb. (April 16, 1887 – 1906)


KRONSHPITS (14a and 16 Shkipersky Channel), architectural monuments of the Petrine Baroque. Two small guard pavilions with lanterns ("beacon lights") and spires (flagpoles) were constructed about 1722 (architect D

Narodovolets D-2, submarine memorial complex

NARODOVOLETS (10 Shkipersky Canal), memorial complex, affiliation of the Central Navy museum, opened in 1994. Narodovolets (D-2) was one of the first three Soviet submarines, constructed at the Baltic Shipbuilding Works in 1927-31

Naval monuments

NAVAL MONUMENTS. St. Petersburg is the cradle of the Russian Navy, which explains the large number of monuments related to the history and eminent naval figures, beginning with its founder Peter the Great. The Boat House in St

Shkipersky Canal

SHKIPERSKY CANAL (Skippers' Canal) (before 1859, Chernaya Rechka (the Black River) or Glukhoy Protok (the Dead Canal), a small river in the western part of Vasilievsky Island

Yacht Clubs (entry)

YACHT CLUBS. Nevsky Flot (Nevskaya Flotiliya) was the first yacht club in Russia. It was founded by order of tsar Peter the Great on 12.4.1718 and had its own flag. It was given 141 small ships "to entertain people" in perpetual tenure