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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Chkalovsky Ave
История переименований:
Chkalovsky Ave. (as of December 15, 1952)
Porkhovskaya St. (April 16, 1887 – December 15, 1952)
2nd Muzykantsky Lane (1860s – April 16, 1887)
Porkhovskoy Lane (1860s – April 16, 1887)
Porokhovskoy Lane (1849 – 1850s)
Geslerovsky Ave. (December 11, 1946 – December 15, 1952)
Geslerovsky Lane (1900s - December 11, 1946)
Geslerovsky Lane (as of March 5, 1871 – 1900s)
Pesochny Lane (1860 – March 5, 1871)
Zelenina St. (1836 - 1868)
Glukhoy Lane (1828 – 1861)
Zeleinaya St. (1777 - 1821)

Address System (general article)

ADDRESS SYSTEM, the system of giving addresses to city objects and registration of city buildings and citizens. From the beginning of the 18th century, registration of citizens and gathering information about those entering the city was done by the

Barmaleeva Street

BARMALEEVA STREET situated in Petrogradskaya part between Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street and Chkalovsky Avenue. It was laid in the settlement of St. Petersburg Regiment in 1730s and named after landowner Major Stepan Barmaleev in the late 18th century

Benois L.N. (1856-1928), architect

Benois Leonty (Ludovik) Nikolaevich (1856, Peterhof -1928, Leningrad), architect, full State Advisor (1905), an honourable cultural figure (1927). The son of N. L. Benois, a brother of Albert N. Benois and А. N. Benois

Chkalovsky Avenue

CHKALOVSKY AVENUE, between Krasnogo Kursanta Street and Karpovka River Embankment. The avenue was formed in the 18th century out of the length of Porkhovskaya Street, which ran as far as Bolshaya Raznochinnaya Street

Gegello A.I. (1891-1965), architect.

GEGELLO Alexander Ivanovich (1891-1965), architect. Resided in St. Petersburg since 1910. Graduated from the College of Civil Engineers (1920) and from the Academy of Fine Arts, Higher School of Art and Technology (1923)

Lishnevsky A.L., (1868-1942), architect

LISHNEVSKY Alexander Lvovich (1868-1942), architect, a noted Art Nouveau and Neoclassical artist. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1892, and worked in the Ukraine for some time. From 1901, he lived in St. Petersburg

Printing Yard, a Printing house

PRINTING YARD (15 Chkalovsky Avenue) is a printing house, the largest producer of books and journals in the North-Western Region of Russia. It originates from the printing house of the Commission For Developing Laws established in 1817; from 1882