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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Institutsky Avenue
История переименований:
Institutsky Ave (as of January 16, 1964)
Institutsky Ave (1887 – January 16, 1964)
Bolshoy Ave (1850 - 1896)
Malaya Obiezdnaya St. (1894 – January 16, 1964)
Obiezdnaya St. (1887 - 1890s)

Commercial Colleges (Entry)

COMMERCIAL COLLEGES, institutions of intermediate education with general and special commercial educational courses. The first Russian commercial college was established in Moscow in 1772 by P. A. Demidov. It was transferred to St


LESNOY, a historical district in the north of St. Petersburg, between Engelsa Avenue to the west, Manchesterskaya Street to the north, Thoreza Avenue and Karbysheva Street to the east and Novorossiiskaya Street to the south


RELIEF. Despite having a general plain character, its flatness and large built up areas, the relief of St. Petersburg is diverse and full of contrasts. The highest peaks in the southwest of the city reach 176 meters

Serebryany Pond

SERBRYANY POND (Silver) was created in 1856 as an element of a landscape park. It is located between Orbeli Street, Malaya Obyezdnaya Street and Institutsky Avenue and stretches parallel to the 2nd Muromsky Avenue

Steam Railway

STEAM RAILWAY (horse-drawn railway, steam-driven tram). Urban transport, a type of horse-drawn tram. Steam traction was introduced in 1882 along the Nevskaya Horse-Drawn Railway on the route from Znamenskaya Square (today Vosstania Square) to