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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Vitebsky Ave
История переименований:
Kupchinskaya Road (1915 – September 10, 1935)
Kupchinskaya Road (September 10, 1935 - November 12, 1962)
Vitebsky Ave (as of November 12, 1962)
Road to Kupchino Village (1908 - September 10, 1935)
Tsarskoselskaya St. (1914 – October 25, 1918)
Detskoselskaya St. (October 25, 1918 – September 10, 1935)

Basseinaya Street

BASSEINAYA STREET, translated as Pool Street, between Kubinskaya Street and Vitebsky Avenue. The name originated from a canal (pool) that was then in design. The street is roughly in line with the former Azovskaya Street, Erivanskaya Street

Krasnoputilovskaya Street

KRASNOPUTILOVSKAYA STREET, running from Komsomolskaya Square to Pobedy Square, passing through the Avtovo area, the former Vologodskaya-Yamskaya Settlement, the Alexandrovskaya Settlement, and Srednaya Rogatka

Moskovsky District

MOSKOVSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 129 Moskovsky Avenue) It was founded in 1919, and its present-day borders were established in 1965


RELIEF. Despite having a general plain character, its flatness and large built up areas, the relief of St. Petersburg is diverse and full of contrasts. The highest peaks in the southwest of the city reach 176 meters